Max peforms 'Circle of Life' 2007The script and cast
Early each year, an 'ideas night' is held. Everyone is invited to contribute ideas for scenes or skits for the next cabaret. After a second 'ideas night', the format and scripts are set and a production committee is formed. An overall director works with the individual directors of each scene.

In May, those who have registered their interest during the year are given the opportunity to join the cast on sign up night for auditions and read throughs.

These begin early mid May and run every Sunday and Monday. the two weekends before opening nights are busy ones, with final dress rehearsals and lighting / staging practices held during the day and evenings from Sunday through to Wednesday evening of the final week of rehearsals.

It is really important to have a full cast for rehearsals, so everyone is asked to commit themselves fully for these months.

In joining the show you are committing to attend rehearsals and, of course, all of the eight shows which run every Friday and Saturday night for four weeks. There are no under-studies, the show must go on, and if you have committed to a part in the show then come hell or high water you must be there!

Staging, costumes, props, lighting, sound
During the build-up to the cabaret, there are a huge number of tasks which must happen. Backdrops must be prepared, props acquired, costumes made and fitted, lighting and sound equipment installed and tested, etc. All of these are undertaken voluntarily by a number of people. Many dedicated people spend many hours at the community centre preparing for the show, and these people are an essential part of STG. While there is a sense of great pressure at times, everyone enjoys what they do and a lot of fun is had.

The Band
The cabaret relies heavily on the band, which consists of four musicians who are equally committed to the show. Click on the link to see our 2017 band Bulletproof Tiger .


The Group
Sumner Theatre Group is part of the Sumner Community Centre Inc. All funds raised by the STG are returned to the community after any requirements of our group such as lighting and sound equipment, costumes and make-up.

The annual subscription is $20, of which $15 is membership of the Sumner Community Centre and $5 goes to the STG to help cover costs such as tea, coffee, postage. There is a discount for students and a 'friends' sub for non-participating members. All members are entitled to vote at the AGM of the Sumner Community Centre and STG, with the financial year ending in December.

Membership form (PDF, 59k)

Cast nights
The STG cast hosts two show nights, with each member allocated a limited number of tickets for these nights. All members are expected to help set up the hall and to clean up the next day. This doesn't take long when everyone helps!

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